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Easy Store Pro Iron

Are you in an ever-lasting fight to get the ironing cord neatly in the cupboard after use? Well, thanks to the Easy Store Plug and Wind range this fight is no more, the cord and plug wraps easily around the iron for a neat and tidy finish to your chores. The stylish Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro Iron is the perfect addition to your laundry room.

Anti Scale Feature

Prolongs the life of your iron to keep you ironing fuss-free for longer.

Auto Shut Off

Let’s face it, we’ve all left the house with the sudden dread that the iron isn’t turned off! The Auto Shut Off feature detects when your iron is motionless and automatically switches of after 30 seconds with the soleplate downwards, or about 8 minutes if the iron is stood on its heel, giving you peace of mind when ironing in a rush!

330ml Water Tank

The 330ml Water Tank keeps you ironing for longer without having to refill the tank halfway through your pile.

45g Continuous Steam

Allows for smoothly softened creases throughout, and when needed, a 145g shot of steam can be fired to quickly remove those strong creases.

ceramic non-stick soleplate

With a ceramic non-stick soleplate, you will be able to glide over clothes, making light work of your ironing.

Vertical steam function

For the more adventurous ironers! The ergonomic design features a smooth textured handle for complete ease of use.


Long 2.5m cord with plug placement

Powerful 145g steam burst and 45g continuous steam.

Powerful 145g steam burst and 45g continuous steam

Maximising ironing performance with minimal effort in no time

Precision steam tip

Enables you to access all those hard to reach places 

Large water tank

Fewer refills allows you to whiz through the largest of ironing jobs less interupted

  • Anti scale feature
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 330ml Water Tank
  • 2400 Watts
  • Ceramic non-stick soleplate
  • Designed with a pointed tip, this iron will reach even the most difficult of areas.
  • Vertical steam function
2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Anti Scale

Anti Scale

Auto Shut Off

Auto Shut Off

145g steam burst

145g steam burst

Ceramic Soleplate

Ceramic Soleplate