Creamy Rice Pudding


Desserts Baking


  • 2 tbs butter
  • 3 cups milk, warmed
  • 1 cup long grain rice
  • 1/3 cup castor sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon

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Serves 4-6

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes

  1. Place the butter in the multi cooker and press SAUTÉ. When the butter has melted, add the warm milk and stir in the rice, vanilla and sugar. Press KEEP WARM / CANCEL, secure the lid and press the RISOTTO function. This will cook for 20 minutes.
  2. When the cooking has finished, leave on KEEP WARM for 5 minutes then carefully release the pressure manually using the quick pressure release method. Stir through the cinnamon and serve warm or at room temperature.

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