Strawberry Macaron Trifle

Strawberry Macaron Trifle

Pretty layers of sweet jelly, hulled strawberries, whipped cream and crowned with a trophy of macaron heaven!


1 pkt strawberry jelly crystals
1 punnet fresh strawberries
300ml cream
1 tbs caster sugar
½ tsp vanilla bean paste
4 strawberry macarons (store bought is fine)

Method (Makes 4)

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Chill Time: 4 hours

  1. Make the strawberry jelly to packet instructions and let cool to room temperature.  Place 4 serving glasses on a tray and pour in the cooled jelly to fill half way. 
  2. Wash, hull and halve the strawberries.  Top each jelly glass with a handful of strawberries.  Place these in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours until set (or overnight).
  3. Place the cream, caster sugar and vanilla bean paste in a tall jug or beaker and using your Russell Hobbs stick mixer with whisk attachment, whisk to form stiff peaks. 
  4. Just before serving, dollop a large spoonful of whipped cream on top of the jelly and wedge a strawberry macaron into the cream.  Serve immediately.