Whip up your favourite meals with Russell Hobbs’ food preparation range of products.  Whether it’s mixing, whisking, blending, chopping, pureeing or beating, Russell Hobbs has a whole host of appliances designed to make life easier for you and your family.  Our products have been specifically designed and tested, making preparing food in your kitchen easier. 

Whether it’s pavlova, your favourite cheesecake or a chunky pesto, Russell Hobbs range of food preparation appliances has you covered.

  • Blenders

    Our versatile and stylish range of jug and hand blenders will help you create creamy pumpkin soups, a fresh banana smoothie or a simple pancake batter in no time.

  • Food Processors

    Russell Hobbs range of food processors and mini choppers make light work of all your food preparation needs, whether it’s creating a coleslaw, your favourite cheesecake or a pizza dough.

  • Mixers

    Whether it’s for whisking, beating or blending, our collection of Mixers offer functionality at your finger tips.